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[Dutch children's books] Sixteen (rare) Dutch children's books, ca. 1900: (1) Berken, T. van. De gelaarsde kat

Amst., H.J.W. Becht, (1896), (11) p., w. col. lithogr. ills. on 4 full pages and monochrome ills. on the other pages, orig. chromolithogr. wr., sm. 4to. Very rare, only 1 copy in NCC. (2) Vreemde Snuiters. Amst., J. Vlieger, (1901), (8) p. (incl. inside wr.), w. full.-p. col. lithogr. ills., monochrome ills. on the other pages, orig. col. lithogr. stapled wr., 12mo. Wr. torn on spine. (3) Mevr. Guizot-De Witt. Familieleven. Leyden, A.W. Sijthoff, (ca. 1870), no pagination, col. lithogr. frontisp. and orig. wr. (sm. imperfections). No copies in UB Leiden. (4) Andriessen, P.J. Lina. Ibid., idem, (ca. 1870), no pagination, 2 col. lithogr. plates and orig. wr. (imperfections). No copies in NCC. -and 11 similar others.

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