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[Big game hunting] Archive of 500 photographs and negatives

of var. places in the Middle East and Africa, incl. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa. Personal photogr. from most likely the same (Belgian) person/ family. Many photogr. relate to big game hunts, incl. of elephants, antelope and water buffalo. Also incl. photogr. of villages, peoples, flowers, trees and scenic landscape views; a few seem to be related to the African campaign in WWII (tanks, military vehicles, etc.); a few photogr. of European places/ scenes. Var. sizes, most photogr. approx. 6 x 6 cm, silver gelatine prints, also incl. a few glass negatives, ca. 1939-45. Many photogr. w. handwritten descriptions verso/ in negative albums (in French), also incl. a few carbon copies of telegrams w. descriptions.

Some photogr. sl. bent, a few sl. faded. Truly a fascinating collection. (total approx. 500, both loose and in albums)

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