LOT 1406

Interior design, five trade catalogues

(1) Album ten dienste van behangers, stoffeerders, meubelmakers en etalagefabrikanten. Ca. 1930. Hcl. w. art deco style dec. Album w. var. (gilt) samples of handles, locks, wheels, hangers, rods, etc. -and 2 more Dutch hardware catalogs from H.J. Boekholt (Groningen, 1916) and H & Co. (The Hague, 1922). (2) Elektro-medizinische apparate unde ihre handhabung. 1897. Dec. cl. (3) Matériel et installations électriques appareillage. Paris, Amelin & Renaud, n.d. (ca. 1900?).

All w. sl. worn covers, browned. (total 5)

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