LOT 933

Marten Toonder - De Beker van Onk Original page

Full page of 4 strips. 47 x 36 cm. Indian ink on thick paper. In which heer Bommel tries to win back the Beker van Onk that was promised to the best Athlete. Exasperated, he's skiing down the Brukebeen Schans towards a canyon...

Toonder Studios, produced for the Swedish market, edited from the story published in Donald Duck magazine in 1959. In the '50s, the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter was interested in publishing the then current Tom Poes series in Donald Duck magazine. The paper made a quarter of the youth page in its Sunday edition available. In order to keep up with the edition in Donald Duck, the original pages (mostly 3) were edited into a full page. To this end parts were omitted, re-drawn and new pictures were added. Because of this procedure, these pages have more speed and are more dynamic than the original stories. This dynamic is particularly visible on this page. The Swedish text was later added in Stockholm. This copy is still in Dutch.

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