LOT 979

[Marten Toonder] Typed original letter

to Henk Meier, dated 15-1-'78, signed in pen, on his own stationery with address "Marten Toonder Eyrefield Lodge Church Road".

Letter concerning a proof of the article "Meet mr. Bumble" by Henk Meier, corrected by Toonder. This lot includes the proof corrected and returned by Toonder: 8 pages (recto only), stapled, with the original comments by Marten Toonder in the margins. The article was published in Holland Herald, Magazine of The Netherlands, volume 13, no. 3. Intriguing combinatie of original letter and proof, the letter with personal details about Toonder's father ("hij heeft veel Cappy-verhalen geschreven"), and remarks about Thijs IJs ("startte in '31 (...) was de opvolger van Bruintje Beer"), a comparison between Panda ("een uitgesproken kinder-strip") and Tom Poes ("een verhaal dat zich tot volwassen richtte"), concluding with the expressed wish that the corrections not be too radical and that Meier will receive everything in time.

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