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De Kroniek van P.L. Tak 1901 -1907 + De Kroniek van A. Sternheim 1931 -1935

seventh up to and including the thirteenth volume of De Kroniek van P.L. Tak. Nos. 263 - 314 (1900), nos. 315-366 (1901), nos. 471 -523 (1904), nos. 524-575 (1905), nos. 579-627 (1906) & nos. 628 - 662 (1907) + De Kroniek van A. Sternheim, nos. 236 - 320 (1931-1935). De Kroniek was a social-cultural and literary journal, founded in 1895 by Pieter Lodewijk Tak and disbanded after his death in 1907. Tak quit the Nieuwe Gids in 1893, together with Frederik van Eeden, after conflicts with Willem Kloos. Tak started his own weekly magazine, De Kroniek, of which the first issue appeared in January 1895. De Kroniek van A. Sternheim was a biweekly magazine for economics, finance, statistics, and business economics.

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