LOT 1346

[Facsimile] Die Bibel von Moutier - Grandval

British Museum ADD.MS. 10546 - Bern Verein Schweizerischer Lithographiebesitzer 1971. The Moutier-Grandval Bible is a Carolingian Picture-manuscript, 840, Monastery St. Martin, Tours and was kept in the monastery Moutier-Grandval near Bern until 1836. Afterwards in possession of The British Library in London.

Large folio (58x42 cm.). Deluxe edition in wooden cloth-covered cassette, spine with leather and gilt-stamped title. Red leather, gilt-stamped title on spine, front and back cover with gilt-stamped embroidery and in the middle a cross, front cover with red, green and gold stamp, back cover only gilt-stamped, endpapers with red velvet 207, 1, 4 p. with 42 coloured facsimile leafs, Ingre-paper, no. 50 (L) of 1020 copies. With texts by Johannes Duft, Bonifatius Fisher, Albert Bruckner, Ellen J. Beer, Alfred A. Schmid, Eva Irblich and Hermann J. Frede.

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