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veiling / Auction 25 Session I Collection Tjeerd Deelstra. Fluxus and post-war Conceptual Arts & Counterculture Movement part I / 300-399 Fluxus: Objects and Boxes
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kavel: 315 € 25000 - € 50000

Fluxkit. New York, Fluxus Editions, 1965

Vinyl-covered attaché case with title 'Flux-Kit' on lid in white. Contains numerous multiples in various mediums. 29 x 44 x 12 cm. Designed and assembled by George Maciunas. First announced in June 1964 in the fourth Fluxus newspaper, this attaché case was among the most elaborate of the Fluxus Editions produced. Provenance: Harry Ruhé/Galerie A, Amsterdam. Mint copy.
Contents: Fluxus newspapers and announcements strapped inside lid of the case. The central compartment houses a built-in noisemaker by Joe Jones; Mieko Shiomi's Endless Box; Ay-O's Finger Box; Alison Knowles's study of the legume, titled Bean Rolls; Eric Anderson's Opera; George Brecht's Water Yam, Ball puzzle and Name Kit, Takehisa Kosugi's Collective Events, Dick Hickins' Boulders and Cannons, Robert Watts' Rocks marked by weight, Ben Patterson's Instruction 2, Nam June Paik's Zen for Film, Ben Vautier's Holes and Dirty water, Chieko Shiomi's Collected Events and Water Music, Robert Watts' Collected Events with Fluxstamps and George Maciunas' Fluxus East Box.
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