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veiling / Auction 25 Session II Collection Tjeerd Deelstra. Post-war Avant-Garde. Fluxus and Conceptual Arts & Counterculture Movements part II / 910-950 Willem de Ridder archives
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Dodgers Syndicate, Sad Movies

In March 1965 de Ridder and Wim van der Linden set up Dodgers Syndicate, a film production company for low cost 'Sad Movies'. Wim T. Schippers joined in 1966. They produced several films such as Tulips, Rape and Panic Call.
Incl.: Notorial act for the company. + Company stationary. + Promotional booklet, leaflet and textsheets for Sad Movie. + Promotional picture of Tulips, renowned film by Wim T. Schippers. b/w 18.5 x 24 cm + Film script Flagula (short draft, 2 versions). + Flyer for the film Hawaiian Lullaby starring Phil Bloom as Hula-Hula dancer.
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