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veiling / Auction 25 Session III. Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Prize Bindings, Amsterdam / 280-285 Old Books before 1600
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kavel: 282 verkocht € 1100.00

[Post-incunable] Diui Thome Aquinatis in libru[m] De a[n]i[m]a Aristotelis expositio

Magistri Dominici de Flandria ordinis predicator[rum] in eundem libru[m] acutissime questiones [et] annotationes. Venice, "Impressum Venetiis per Magistrum Petrum de Quarenghis", 7 April 1501, signatures a-m6 n3 (lacks blank n4), 75 lvs., woodcut title illustration and large headpiece at the beginning, several figures in the text, probably 17th-cent. overlapping vellum, small folio.
Partly waterst. in lower blank margin; occas. contemp. annotations in pen; upper corner of bookblock partly rounded. Old manuscript title on lower edge of bookblock. A good copy, with stamp "Museo Cavaleri" on the title p. Michele Cavaleri (1813-1890) was a prominent lawyer in Milan, who collected a vast number of paintings, sculptures, antiquities and books. He negotiated with the city council of Milan to create a museum for his collection, but the council declined. Ernesto Cernuschi bought the entire collection in 1873 and it was shipped to Paris. Cernuschi died in 1896, part of the collection survives at the Musée Cernuschi in Paris, but much of it was sold. Also with the bookplate (on upper pastedown) of Louis Joseph Marthe Corten (1922-1990), former mayor of various places in the province of Limburg. Finally, with small bookseller's ticket of Het Oude Boek (Nijmegen) on lower pastedown. A beautifully printed, rare early edition of Aquino's treatise on the important philosophical work De Anima (On the soul) by Aristotle.
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