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veiling / Auction 25 Session III. Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Prize Bindings, Amsterdam / 280-285 Old Books before 1600
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[History. Persia] De regio Persarum principatu libri III

Additi indices tres (...) editio altera in qua quid sit preastitum, etc. B. Brisson. (Heidelberg), Hieronymus Commelin, 1595. 378 pp. Printer's device on title page. Vellum, manuscript title on spine, 8vo.
Vellum on spine discoloured and sl. dam., some waterst. throughout. Barnabé Brisson (1531-1591) was a jurisconsult and French magistrate, president of the Parliament of Paris and ambassador to the English court. He also published the legal code of Henri III.
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