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veiling / Auction 25. Session IV. Topography, Cartography, Indonesia, Asian Arts, Graphic and Fine Arts / 1640-1674 Fine Arts: Original Artworks (Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures)
[1672] [1673] [1674]
kavel: 1674 verkocht € 400.00

Rie Cramer (1887-1977) "Vrouw Holle"

Doll in bell jar, c. 1925. One of approx. 12 known dolls created by Rie Cramer. Height 25 cm, bell jar 40 cm.
*Rie Cramer is widely known for her illustrated children's books. Much less known are her etchings, stage sets and costumes, plays, ceramics and books about Mallorca. But it was her fairytale dolls she was most fond of. The dolls were created from wire, cardboard and wax, decorated with beautiful fabrics, brocade, silk, tulle, lace and beads. All dolls were named and put under a uniform bell jar. Rie calls this: "each hushed in his own glass-enclosed world." [Flitsen, 1966: p. 149/151 and 175]. Cramer mentions that the architect Dudok bought one of her dolls at an exhibition at Liberty. At least two dolls (“Der Tod und das Mädchen” and “Superbia”) were acquired by the Hague Costume Museum.

In an interview with G.H. Pancake: “My illusion is to make a puppet theater. I believe that in a puppet you can express the writer's intention most clearly. (..) I don't know if they were my best work, but certainly my love." (Rie Cramer leven en werk. J. Burgers, 1987, p. 75)

Provenance: Purchased by the previous owner from Marianne (Nan) Plasschaert (approx. 1985). After a brief extramarital affair with Plasschaert's father, Albert Plasschaert, a lifelong close friendship was nourished.
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