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2440-2444 Ephemera & Picture Postcards


veiling / Auction 27 - Session III Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Erotica, WW2, Sports, Toys, Antiques, Ephemera, Posters, Various
kavel: 2440
[Hollywood] 77 picture postcards of 1920s & 1930s moviestars
-(1) 11 male and 66 female picture postcards, including a.o. Louise Brooks, Fay Wray, Anna May Wong, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.-

verkocht € 100.00
kavel: 2441
[Picture postcards] Private album
-(1) Art Nouveau copper-locked album incl. ca. 200 picture postcards sent to Mejuffrouw Netta v/d Schilt Rozengracht Amsterdam. Added: (2) album with 81 postcards from the same owner. Mostly Dutch topographical views, ca. 1900-1920.-

verkocht € 370.00
kavel: 2442
Notgeld 1914-1924
-Lieban, Den Haag. Album containing ca. 600 German Notgeld notes and 9 postage stamps published in the German crisis during WWI and the Interbellum period, i.e. 1914-1924. Incl. 7 pp. of explanatory text of the history of "notgeld" in Dutch. Cordbound halfcloth with title on frontboard. -

verkocht € 170.00
kavel: 2443
[Picture postcards. Stereo photos] Dutch picture postcard album
-Containing approx. 500 cards on Dutch villages and towns, all. ca. 1900-1940. Added: 29 stereo photos from the series Nederlandsche Vogels en Hunne Nesten. Photos Burdet, captions Thijsse. Merkelbach & Co, Amsterdam, 1909.-

verkocht € 320.00
kavel: 2444
[Picture postcards. Topography] Album de Cartes Postales Illustrées
-Album with 485 topographical (partly circulated) picture postcards. With another album cont. ca. 270 picture postcards. All Europe, approx. 1900-1930. -and (3) 17 Souvenir booklets from the same period on cities like Paris, Briançon and Luxembourg.-

verkocht € 120.00