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veiling / Auction 26. Session II. Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Indonesia, Asian Arts, Fine Arts part I / 1480-1536 Fine Arts: Graphic Arts, Paintings & Drawings 16th-19th Century
[1491] [1492] [1500] [1504] [1505]
kavel: 1500 verkocht € 120.00

[Louvain] Commemorative drawing for Jean P.L. De Swart (1798-1863)

"A la mémoire d'un epoux et d'un père tendrement aimé: Mr. Jean.P.L. De Swart, président du tribunal consulaire & né à Louvain le 21 mars 1798 y décédé le 23 avril 1863." Fine and very detailed oval miniature in gouache, heightened with gold and silver, 14 x 11.5 cm, monogrammed "PAR" in lower margin, under the original de-luxe gilt passepartout and in the original gilt frame.
A very skillfully executed drawing, with refined symbols of love and mortality, around the central initials "P.L." Online we found an article "Bewerkte rouwbrieven 1801-1870" (2008) in which the name of the deceased is listed.
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