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veiling / Auction 26. Session II. Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Indonesia, Asian Arts, Fine Arts part I / 1480-1536 Fine Arts: Graphic Arts, Paintings & Drawings 16th-19th Century
[1480] [1481] [1482] [1490] [1491]
kavel: 1482 verkocht € 70.00

[Genealogy and heraldry] Lot of 48 miscellaneous lvs. with coats-of-arms

17th-19th century, various sizes and printing techniques.
Comprising a.o.: 1) "Trajectum ad Rhenum Triumphans". Engraving by Hendrik Winter after Everard Meister, 39 x 52 cm. Sl. creased and with central vertical folds. Sm. tear in lower margin. The top half only. Incorporating numerous coats-of-arms in festoons surrounding profile views of Amersfoort and Rhenen. Rare. With: "Indeex clypeorum. Wapen-wyser vervolgens 't A.B.C. in festoenen, en trophêen (...) door d'Utrechtse steden rangh (...) af- en uytgebeeld in 't ujaer M.DC.LXXI." Letterpress index in 4 columns, Utrecht, C. Kribber, 1746. This index could be attached on both sides of the two engravings. Rare edition, not traced 2) "Genealogie de la maison de La Tour". Engraved genalogical tree, early 18th cent., 3 (of ?) lvs., incorporating a number of coats-of-arms and nice portraits, large folio (2x) and square folio sizes. Remnants of former mounts on verso; sm. wormholes (total 48 lvs.).
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