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1380-1410 Photography


veiling / Auction 26. Session II. Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Indonesia, Asian Arts, Fine Arts part I
[1380 - 1389] [1391 - 1401] [1403 - 1410]
kavel: 1403
[Original photography. Afsluitdijk. Zwitserland] Collection of ca. 600 photos
-All pre-war, 1925-1940, mostly on the construction of the Afsluitdijk, personal photos of trips to Switserland and Germany, and various subjects such as wintersports, the construction of the Albertkanaal, the sandpit in Santpoort, the cities and villages of the Zuiderzee. Added: more than 100 picture postcards, mostly corresponding with the subjects of the photographs, some circulated.-

verkocht € 170.00
kavel: 1404
[Press photography. Militaria] Lot of 180 photos on wars and rebellions
-Ca. 1935-1955. Photos of the Second World War, the Algerian War of Independence, soldiers and generals, riots, bombings and many other related subjects. Various sizes, most 25 x 20 cm. Most with copyright stamps on verso. -

verkocht € 290.00
kavel: 1405
Martin Parr (b. 1952). "Kroket"
-Chromogenic print. Undated (1980/90s). Signed with initials in pen on verso by Parr. 29 x 41 cm. Tipped on paper. -

verkocht € 420.00
kavel: 1406
Family album of painter Nicolaas Mathijs Eekman (1889-1973)
-Japanese leporello lacquer album containing 85 mostly small format photos of Eekman, his wife and his family, trips and gallery between 1913 and 1917. -

verkocht € 480.00
kavel: 1407
[Press photography. Performing arts] Collection of c. 1450 photos
-Ca. 1955-1975. All on the performing arts, such as operas, theatre, orchestras and classical musicians, depicting national and international artists such as Jean Francois Monnard, Fania Chapiro, Bartlett and Robertson, Monique Haas and Ida Haendel. Partly with copyright stamps on verso, a.o. Kors van Bennekom, Hans Schlegel, Frits Gerritsen, and stamps of the concert and theatre halls they performed at, including a few international stamps. Various sizes, max. 24 x 34 cm.-

verkocht € 150.00
kavel: 1408
[Press photography. Various] 52 press photographs
-Ca. 1910-1925. 1) 6 photos on the marble quarry in Carrara, Italy. Most with stamp on verso, 21.5 x 16.5 cm; 2) 6 photos of Bruges lacemaking women. Most with stamp on verso, 21.5 x 16.5 cm; 3) Collection of 40 various press photographs, concerning subjects such as a new electric drill for tree surgery, Lafayette Dayin New York, a shoe measuring device and the Henley Regatta. With verso stamps of the Daily Mirror and V. Forbin. -
€ 70 - € 150
kavel: 1409
[Press photography. Animals] Collection of 111 photos of exotic animals
-Ca. 1925-1940. 45 photos of a platypus and a porcupine. With copyright stamps on verso of La Revue Francaise and the New York Zoological Society. 16.5 x 11 cm + 66 photographs of zoo animals, such as a Polar bear playing with his teddy, a baby raccoon and a young lion with their keepers, a tiger and her cubs and many other animals. With verso stamps of Wiener-Bild and Atlantic. max. 22 x 17 cm. -
€ 80 - € 150
kavel: 1410
[Original photography. Netherlands] Lot of 90 photos and cabinet cards
-of cities, streetviews and villages in the Netherlands, such as Arnhem, Utrecht, Almelo and De Bilt. Ca. 1860-1890.-

verkocht € 400.00
[1380 - 1389] [1391 - 1401] [1403 - 1410]