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veiling / Auction 27 - Session IV Adolph Friedländer Poster Auction Part I / 3095-3209 Animal Dressage
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kavel: 3100 verkocht € 1100.00

[Cats. Circus Busch] Peter Alupka, der erste sprechende Kater

Friedländer, Hamburg, 1913. 97 x 71 cm. Lith. no. 5862.
Folding lines worn and sl. browned on the left side of the poster, reinf. on verso.

*Peter Alupka was a streetcat cat found by Thea Sutoris, a doctor specialized in speech impediments. She found that Peter could produce sounds that resembled her speech. She trained him by using the same therapy she used on her patients. After three years Peter could say the words "Anna", "Helene" and "nein", he could sing the "O Tannenbaum" song and would cry "Hurrah!" when his owner mentioned Kaiser Wilhelm.
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