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veiling / Auction 27 - Session IV Adolph Friedländer Poster Auction Part I / 3255-3415 Entertainment: Pantomimes, Revues, Variety Shows, etc.
[3255] [3256] [3260]
kavel: 3255 verkocht € 150.00

[Scurimobile. Sharp shooting] Scuri. Inventore dei Scurimobile

Friedländer, Hamburg, 1905. In 2 parts, each ca. 96 x 71 cm. Lith. no. 3375.
Mild wear along folding lines, sl. toned, some reinf. on verso.

*The scurimobile was a gun with two or more barrels, making it possible to aim at different targets simultaneously. It was invented by the Belgian Alessandro Scuri, here showing that the gun can shoot four apples, each placed on a girl's head, at the same time.
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