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veiling / Auctions 27 - Session V Artists' books, Editions and Ephemera (late 20th cent.) / 6000-6076 Situationists
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Internationale Situationniste 1-12

Paris, Guy Debord, 1958 -1969. Rare complete set of the Bulletin central edité par les sections de l'Internationale Situationniste. Twelve issues with fragile metallic wrappers in various colours. Staplebound, 23.5 x 16 cm, ca. 32-116 p. each. Text in French.
Periodical of the radical and avant garde Situationist movement. Contributions by Debord, Constant, Jorn, Kotanyi, Nash, Vaneigem, Bernstein and others. As in most available copies, this set contains the re-edition (1962) of the number 2 issue because the original metallic wrappers from 1958 were all flawed. Minor irregularities on covers, interiors all very good, condition report available. (total 12)
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