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160-167 Paper Toys, Catchpenny Prints & Theatres


veiling / Auction 28. Session I. Children's Books, Picture Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books 16th-19th Cent., Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography
kavel: 160
Magic lantern slide
-Depicting a skeleton riding a fantastic creature with a human face. Hand painted, ca. 12 x 8 cm. Mounted under wooden passepartout, 25.5 x 12 cm. -

verkocht € 290.00
kavel: 161
[Peepshows] (Village scene with farmers and mountains in the background)
-Complete peepshow, probably Augsburg, ca. 1780, consisting of 6 cut-out handcol. engravings reinforforced with board strips for fitting them into a viewing-case, together forming a perspective scene, 9 x 14.5 cm each.-

verkocht € 360.00
kavel: 162
[Dollhouse furniture] "Puppen Möbel in Silber - Canevas"
-Collection of 23 unused silver-coloured perforated board pieces, various sizes, loose as issued in the orig. board box w. lithogr. title and list of contents (mounted over another list of contents of dollhouse furniture in "Thon-Canevas") on the lid, without address ("Schutz Marke" around a lyre on the lid), ca 1875.-

verkocht € 200.00
kavel: 163
[Peepshow] The river from Wapping & The Thames Tunnel
-A view of Rotherlithe from Wapping [and perspective view of the tunnel below the Thames]. Colourlithographic peepshow interior w. handcoloured illustration "Wapping Intrance", no date or place, c. 1850, and 4 sections of 20 x 16 cm., each with top and bottom scene, connected by thin paper segments, the whole extendable like an accordeon up to a depth of ± 60 cm. Marbled paper wrapper w. French explanation on inside wrapper (The bottom part of the French text w. damage). Peepshow complete and good.-

verkocht € 480.00
kavel: 164
[Catchpenny prints. Games] Het spel der monumenten van Parijs
-Jeu des monumens de Paris. Circular board-game track showing all the famous Paris monuments such as the Pont des Arts, L'Odéon and Le Panthéon. Col. lithography. Tournai, Etablissement de Glenisson et Van Genechten, ca. 1830. 54 x 41 cm. Edges with some tears. (2) Vredesspel. Friedensspiel. Game of Piece. Jeux de la Paix. Col. lith. Den Haag, N.V. Steendrukkerij Van de Ven, ca. 1915. Board game along First World War monuments ending with the Palace of Peace in the centre. Tear in upper part, reinf. on verso with sellotape. (3) Le Naine Jaune. Het spel de geele dwerg. Col. lith. with printed card game rules. Tournai, Etablissement de Glenisson et Van Genechten, ca. 1830. 42 x 34. Occ. wear along the edges. -

verkocht € 440.00
kavel: 165
[Catchpenny prints. Games] Het Gaz-licht spel
-Arnhem, P.A. de Jong, ca. 1845. Letterpress printing, ca. 47 x 40 cm. Dam. along the edges. (2) Het nieuwe Arlequin-Spel. Le nouveau Jeu d'Arlequin. Brightly col. woodcut with printed game rules at the bottom. Tournai, Brepols & Dierckx zoon, ca. 1875. 38 x 31 cm. Folded. (2) De aloude Zevenzak. Amsterdam, Gebroeders Koster, ca. 1920. Col. lithogr. after a drawing of Daan Hoeksema. 70 x 50 cm. Folded. (4) (Het Stoomboots). Amsterdam, Aron Hijman Binger, ca. 1850. Woodcut, ca. 50 x 40 cm. Lower part partly dam., title mostly gone. (5) "Uilenspel". Arnhem, P.A. de Jonge, ca. 1875. Woodc. with letterpress game rules. 51 x 39 cm. Edges sl. frayed.-

verkocht € 90.00
kavel: 166
[Catchpenny prints. ABC] (1) ABC of human figurines
-Groningen, J. Oomkens, early 19th century. 42 x 33.5 cm. Some mild staining, edges frayed. (2) Vervolg van het nieuw prentkundig ABC voor lieve kinderen, met toepasselyke versjes. N. 57. (Turnhout Glenisson & Zonen, ca. 1856-1900). Handcol. woodc. with letterpress, 40 x 32.5 cm. Edges sl. frayed. Added: signed portrait of printer J. Oomkens by B.W. van Wouw, ca. 1835. -

verkocht € 370.00
kavel: 167
[Magic lantern slides] Collection of approx. 250 (col.) glass slides
-All 8.2 x 8.2 cm, first half 20th cent., various techniques and subjects, preserved in 5 later plastic boxes.-

verkocht € 70.00