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veiling / Auction 28. Session I. Children's Books, Picture Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books 16th-19th Cent., Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography / 320-332 Old Books before 1600
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kavel: 323 verkocht € 500.00

Bartolomeo Ricci. De imitatione libri tres.

Paris, "Apud Bernardum Turrisanum, via Iacobea, in Aldina bibliotheca", 1557, 103 lvs., w. the woodcut printer's mark of Aldus on title-p., 18th cent. hcalf, 12mo.
Lvs k7 and k8 dam. in lower outer corner, touching the text; occas. old annots./ underlinings in pen; title-p. backed (lacks upper blank margin). Binding worn, and dam. at spine-ends. A charming, beautifully printed pocket-edition. Rare, no copies in NCC.
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