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veiling / Auction 28. Session I. Children's Books, Picture Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books 16th-19th Cent., Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography / 320-332 Old Books before 1600
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(F. Hogenberg). Geschichtsblätter. Convolute of 158 etched plates

"Kurtzer Bericht, dess jenigen was sich ihm Niderlandt in Religions sachen und sunst zugetragen hat, Coloniae apud Franc. Hogenberg 1566-1593" (modern manuscript title). Cologne, ca.1570-1600, 158 mostly numbered, etched plates, dep. scenes from the Dutch war of independance against the Spaniards, bound together in modern full vellum, obl. folio.
Several plates dam. (and partly also waterst.) in outer margin, w. occas. sl. loss of image, or the image affected by the stains; nine plates at the end fully mounted because of the mentioned defects (worse there). Otherwise a sl. smudged/ fingersoiled copy, but most of the plates in acceptable/ good condition. One of the rarest series of prints in this manner, issued up to about 1600 in around 400 plates. Without a general title, the series became known as "Geschichtsblätter". The plates include town views, maps and naval battles, providing detailed information on the events of the war, buildings and costumes. The plate showing the assassination of William of Orange (10 July 1584) is the only plate to show Hogenberg's name, the final four plates here are dated to 1592-1594, after Hogenberg's death.
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