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veiling / Auction 28. Session I. Children's Books, Picture Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books 16th-19th Cent., Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography / 320-332 Old Books before 1600
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[Postincunable] Dionysius the Areopagite. Divini Dionysii areopagite caelestis hierarchia,

ecclesiastica hierarchia, divina nomina, mystica theologia, undecim epistolae, ignatii undecim epistolae, polycarpi epistola una, theologia vivificans, cibus solidus. Venice, Giovanni Tacuino da Tridino, 21 November 1502, (6),CXXXXIII lvs., title with woodcut headpiece and woodcut title-illustration, woodcut diagrams in the text, woodcut initials (leaf I printed in red and black), 18th or 19th cent. half vellum w. manuscript title on spine, folio.
Lacks leaf TI (137). Title a bit dustsoiled, w. some repairs and w. unidentified stamp. Upper outer corner of most lvs. restored; some unobtrusive wormholing; some vague old annotations in pen (washed copy). Adams D522. Collective edition ("Corpus Areopagiticum") of works of the 5th cent. theologian Dionysius the Areopagite or Pseudo-Dionysius.
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