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veiling / Auction 28 - Session IV Adolph Friedländer Poster Auction Part II / 3065-3298 Animal Dressage
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[Camels. Sarrasani] Le plus grand spectacle du monde

Die grösste Schau der Welt/The greatest Show on earth. Friedländer, Hamburg, 1912. 96 x 71 cm. Lith. no. 5684.
Edges frayed, mild toning, reinf. on verso.

*Circus Sarrasani (Dresden) was known for its use of modern technology making spectacular acts with e.g. cars, airplanes, boats and projections. After WWI broke out, Hans Stosch-Sarrasani turned the circus into a live-action military war theatre, showing important war scenes of WWI, such as the invasion of Belgium by the Germans in 1914, submarine warfare in the First Battle of the Masurian Lakes for which the entire ring was flooded, and would, a few years later, even show the bombing of London with zeppelins. From 1912 and onwards they started a "Wild West" show with the use of the Sioux Native Americans from the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota, and would perform with them at least through 1936. The circus and their permanent building did not survive the bombing of Dresden in 1944. After the war they reestablished in Argentina, where they would become the Circo Nacional Argentino.

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