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veiling / Auction 27 - Session I Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Militaria / 280-299 Manuscripts
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Album amicorum from a member of the families De Kruyff/ Bruininga/ Van Nouhuys/ Straatmans

And Brocx, w. 39 loose contributions (incl. some not-related) dated 1817-1884 (mostly ca. 1840), on variously coloured paper, most lvs. measuring 12.5 x 20.5 cm, a.e.g. and exactly fitting in the orig. gilt and blindst. purple mor. box (ca. 1840), a.e.g., 14.5 x 22.5 cm.
Also containing some unused lvs. The box is a bit rubbed along extremities. With contributions by a.o. D. de Kruyff (view of a church, dated 1873); W.L.A. Brocx (leaf of an oak tree worked open to leave the name of the contributor); "I.H.V.A / E.A.V.N" (leaf of an oak tree, worked open to leave the monograms and birds on a vase ); V.J. de Kruyff (view of waterfalls in a park, drawing in gouache dated "Arnhem maart 1884" and signed in pencil verso); C.H. Arntz (branch with rose produced by making tiny holes w. a needle ("prikwerk") above a verse, dated "Breda den 26 Augustus 1842" and signed in pen); "Mama Bruyninga" (manuscript verse dated "Grave den 4 Augustus 1841"); C.E. Altenhoven (manuscript verse dated "Leiden den 20ste Julij 1840"); E.A. Bruyninga Van Nouhuys (manuscript verse dated "Grave den 17 September 1856"); M.J. Straatmans (manuscript verse dated Maastricht den 20 Augustus 1844"); "De Weduwe Murray" (manuscript verse dated Leyden den 20 Julij 1840").
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