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veiling / Auction 27 - Session I Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Militaria / 330-355 Old Books before 1600
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kavel: 330 verkocht € 150.00

Cicero. Les oeuvres de M.T. Cicero

Pere d'eloquence Latine. Les offices. Livres III, le livre d'amytié, le livre de vieillesse, les paradoxes, le songe de scipion. Paris, Iehan Ruelle, 1550, 162;(3),157 lvs w. woodcut initials, modern leather with use of orig. leather on boards with blind-tooled paneling and gilt corner fleurons.
First quire partly loose and with mild waterst. First two flyleafs with early ms. ann.: three verses, two in Greek and one in Latin (one from Homers' Ilias, the other unidentified), and the owner's inscription "Iacob Henkelma no discipulo sito dilectionis ergo dono dedit Gerardus dhorn Malmias", citing that Jacob Henkelma gave this book to Gerardus Malmias, seeing as he was "not a disciple of love".
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