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veiling / Auction 27 - Session I Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Militaria / 360-542 Old Books 17th-19th Century
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[Copy of Johann Georg von Hohenzollern-Hechtingen?] Franz Guillimann. Habsburgiaca,

sive de antiqua, et vera origine domus Austriæ vita et rebus gestis comitum Vindonissensium sive Altenburgiensium in primis Habsburgiorum libri septem. Milan, Ex Officina Regia Pandulphi, & M.Tullii Malatcitæ, 1605, (12),344,(2) p., w. engr. title-vignette and num. woodcut coats-of-arms in the text, strictly contemp. panelled overlapping vellum, frontcover with owner's initials "I G G Z H Z" and date "1606" and corner fleurons, coloured edges, 4to.
Partly marg. waterst. and a few other unobtrisve internal defects; lacks free endpaper. binding stained and dam., revealing medieval/ 16th century manuscript and printed materials used in its construction. Despite the defects, a most intriguing (presentation) copy of the rare first edition: in the (frayed) lower margin of the title-page is a handwritten dedication to count Johann Georg von Hohenzollern-Hechtingen (1577-1623). It is attributred by us to the author Franz (François) Guillimann (1568-1612, Swiss historian and neolatin poet) himself, but partly difficult to read so not entirely certain: "Illmo. D. Jo. Georgio Comiti Zollerani Sigmeringano et Veringano Dno. Hayerlay et Weerstein S.R. Imp. Coms. hereditario s. say mei Cons.o & obsequia diligentia. Auctori Guilimanni." The protruding dedication was preserved by the binder, folding inwards but got unfortunately frayed nevertheless. The names of the mentioned places are Sigmaringen, Veringen, Heigerloch and Warstein. The initials on the frontcover could possibly mean something like Iohann Georg Graf Zu HohenZollern, but we could not find similar bindings to prove this.
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