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veiling / Auction 27 - Session II Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Comics and Comic Arts, Photography and Photo books, Asia and Asian Arts / 910-960 Topography: The Netherlands
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kavel: 917 verkocht € 160.00

[Zutphen] Collection of ca. 40 views, plans, historical prints and a map

16th-19th century, various techniques and sizes.
Incl. duplicates in various states (unfolded/ folded, large paper/ normal paper and handcol/ uncol. Comprises a.o. a small etched plan of the city of ca 1598 and 2 other sm. 17th cent. plans, a 17th century plan of the city's fortifications, a view of the Groote Markt and Wijnhuis by J.C. Philips after C. Pronk, views and profiles of the city by Hendrik Spilman after J. de Byer, and a Gemeentekaartje "Omstreken van Zutfen-Lochem Ruurloo". Sold as a collection of prints, not subject to return. (total ca. 40)
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