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veiling / Auction 27 - Session II Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Comics and Comic Arts, Photography and Photo books, Asia and Asian Arts / 910-960 Topography: The Netherlands
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kavel: 918 verkocht € 70.00

[Rijnsburg] Collection of ca. 85 engr. views

all but a few 18th cent. and ca. 7 x 10 cm.
Including many duplicates in variant states (various editions, large paper/ normal paper and handcol/ uncol.). Comprises a.o.: a fine oval view of the village by Anna Brouwer from Van Ollefen & Bakker, a view of the ruins of the abbey from Historie ofte beschryving van 't Utrechtsche bisdom by Van Heussen (1719), an almost identical view of the ruins by Jacobus Schijnvoet and a complete series of 6 views of the ruins by Hendrik Spilman after Cornelis Pronk. Also including (complete) series of engr. views of the village and the ruins of the abbey by Abraham Rademaker, present in 4 different editions, incl. 2x in quires with descriptive text, from Nederlandsche Outheeden en Gezigten and Kabinet van Nederlandsche en Kleefsche Oudheden. Added: 2 views of Rijsoort and 5 different views of the (royal) houses at Rijswijk. Sold as a collection of prints, not subject to return. (total ca. 90).
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