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veiling / Auction 27 - Session II Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Comics and Comic Arts, Photography and Photo books, Asia and Asian Arts / 1460-1505 Photography
[1460] [1461] [1462] [1463]
kavel: 1461 verkocht € 170.00

[Press photography. WWII] Collection of ca. 40 photographs

Ca. 1939-1945. Depicting the Eight Army campaigns, R.A.F. bombings and air raids, one of Lady Hadfield, the bombing of Rotterdam and many others. Most with copyright stamps on verso of U.S.S.R. Official Photography and British Official Photograph/ the Ministery of Information. Various sizes, most 25 x 20.5 cm. Added: 10 picture postcards on the "Heldenhulde" in Diksmuide, in leporello fold in orig. envelope.
Sl. warped. (total c. 40)
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