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veiling / Auction 27 - Session II Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Comics and Comic Arts, Photography and Photo books, Asia and Asian Arts / 1460-1505 Photography
[1460] [1461] [1462] [1463] [1464]
kavel: 1462 verkocht € 140.00

[Press photography. WWII] Collection of ca. 50 photographs

Ca. 1939-1945. Pictures mainly from the British perspective, showing e.g. the War Cabinet meetings after the invasion of Poland, many politicians such as Lord Halifax and Sir Kingsley Wood, the battlefront in Libya and Kalinin. Most with copyright stamp on verso of a.o. Planet News, The Associated Press/ The Ministery of Information and Fotobureau Holland. Various sizes, max. 26 x 20 cm.
Sl. warped. (total ca. 50)
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