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1500-1527 Photography: Press Photography 1930-1940

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veiling / Auction 28 - Session II Cartography part 2, Comics, Photobooks & Photography, Asia and Asian Arts, Graphic Arts, Funerary, Sheet Music, Fine Arts part I
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kavel: 1510
[Germany] Collection of 69 photographs
-1930-1939. Various sizes, most approx. 22 x 16 cm. Incl. a.o.: the catacombs of Bremen’s Bleikeller w. its mummies; the visit to the new Potsdammer Palace Museum; several views of cities and regions such as Berlin, Nurnberg, Danzig and Mecklenburg; and num. buildings such as Neuschwanstein castle, Chorin Abbey and Schwerin Castle. All w. copyright stamps and descriptive strips on verso, mostly from Scherl Bilderdienst, Fotobureau Holland and Keystone.-

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kavel: 1511
[Gas masks] Collection of seven photographs
-1932-1935. Various sizes, max 25.5 x 15 cm. On the use of gas masks, used in exercises for air raid precautions. All w. descriptive strip and copyright stamp on verso by Keystone and Fotobureau Holland.-

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kavel: 1512
[London] Collection of 35 photographs
-1929-1940. Various sizes, max. 24 x 28.5. Incl. a.o.: preparations for the World's Economic Conference of 1933; the Royal Mint coining the first money of 1932; strikes at the Ford factory; the Radiolympia; the last generation of "knockers-up" who woke up workers by shooting peas at their windows; and lovely views of the city of London and its streets and parks. Almost all w. descriptive strip and copyright stamps on verso by Keystone and Fotobureau Holland.-

verkocht € 120.00
kavel: 1513
[British Isles] Collection of 41 photographs
-1930-1940. Various sizes, max. 25 x 20 cm. Incl. a.o.: the All-England Town Crier Championships; an Irish girl going to vote on her donkey for the Irish Free State; telegraph repairmen after a blizzard; English gold beaters during the great financial crisis; research for the quality of fruit from Bristol University; the races at Ascot; and num. views of the fine English countryside. Almost all w. descriptive strip and copyright stamp on verso by Keystone and Fotobureau Holland.-

verkocht € 150.00
kavel: 1514
[USA] Collection of 26 photographs
-1930-1940. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: the aftermath of a hurricane in Florida; Phil Gordon; the 1st Native American reverend in the U.S.; sulphur mining in Louisiana and several on gold mining; photos of the New York Police Department, incl. a mugshot of a so-called "gang"; and the Dole pineapple plantation and factory in Hawaii. Most w. descriptive strips and copyright stamps of Keystone, ANP and C. Delius.-

verkocht € 140.00
kavel: 1515
[Italy] Collection of 22 photographs
-1934. 20 x 15.5 cm. 8 very fine photogr. of Venice, w. copyright stamp of P. Rasmussen and the Skandinaviske Berliner Korrespondenz on verso.-

verkocht € 120.00
kavel: 1516
[East Africa] Collection of 24 photographs
-Ca. 1932-1938. Various sizes, max 25 x 20 cm. 21 showing the war in Ethiopia under the Italian occupation, and 3 photos of Kenya. All w. descriptive strip and copyright stamp on verso, most by Keystone.-

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kavel: 1517
[North Africa] Collection of 18 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1938. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: the Pyramids of Giza and the sphinx in Egypt; schoolboys in Morocco; Cairo under King Faruk; Algerian mothers and their children; and other views and street scenes of cities and regions of N. Africa. Descriptive strips and copyright stamps on verso by C. Delius, Fotobureau Holland, and the Skandinavische Berliner Korrepondenz. -

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kavel: 1518
[Middle East. Turkey] Collection of 11 photographs
-Ca. 1928-1934. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: an ancient street in Damascus; the new prime minister of Afghanistan in London; the spinning of yarn in Iraq; and several street scenes and views of Istanbul. All w. descriptive strip and/or copyright stamp on verso by Keystone, I.P.S. Photo and Fotobureau Holland. -

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kavel: 1519
[Turkmens] Three photographs by Lotte Errell (1903-1991)
-1934. 24 x 18.5 cm. Depicting the nomadic Turkmeni people on the steppe. W. copyright stamps and descriptive strips of the Associated Press. Lotte Errell was a famous Jewish photographer who worked mostly during the interwar period. -

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[1500 - 1509] [1510 - 1519] [1520 - 1527]