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1500-1527 Photography: Press Photography 1930-1940

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veiling / Auction 28 - Session II Cartography part 2, Comics, Photobooks & Photography, Asia and Asian Arts, Graphic Arts, Funerary, Sheet Music, Fine Arts part I
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kavel: 1520
[Mickey Mouse] Collection of 12 photographs
-1931. 23 x 18 cm. From a puppet show of Mickey Mouse called "Familienfest der Miky-Mäuschen". All w. copyright stamps and descriptive strips on verso by Presse Photo.-

verkocht € 100.00
kavel: 1521
[USA. Cotton picking] Three photographs by Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995)
-(1) Two photos of the cotton plantations in the south of the United States, 1936. 20 x 25.5 and 18.5 x 25.5 cm. One depicting the sharecropper's home of Lonnie Fair, working on the "largest plantation in the world", and the other showing the cotton exchange in New Orleans. W. copyright stamps and descriptive strips of Pix Publishing on verso.-
€ 200 - € 400
kavel: 1522
[Animals] Collection of 79 photographs
-1930-1940. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: a monkey riding a very large bike; chimpanzee Peter shaving his zoo keeper; horse racers; a circus lion with his pet mouse; circus elephants bathing in the sea in Somerset; and New York high society holding a pig race. W. copyright stamps and descriptive strips on verso of Keystone, Express Photos, Associated Press, C. Delius and Compagnie Continentale.-

verkocht € 100.00
kavel: 1523
[Animals] Collection of approx. 140 photographs
-Ca. 1925-1945. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: all kinds of (rare) exotic animals; birds; rodents; guide dogs; and many other mammals and reptiles. Divided in subjects and inserted in folders. Almost all w. description and/or copyright stamps on verso by Stapf Bilderdienst, Mirror Features, Fotobureau Holland, Rex, N.V. Polygoon and many others.-

verkocht € 120.00
kavel: 1524
[Views] Collection of 38 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1935. Various sizes. Incl. views of cities, streets and buildings, such as a.o.: a night scene of St. Moritz; a rooftop view of Marrakesh; the International Sporting Club building in Monte Carlo; street scenes of the old centre of Brussels; the Colonial University in Antwerp; snow on the streets of Madrid; the Ottawa House of Parliament; and the "Victoria Terminus" in Mumbai. All w. description and copyright stamps on verso by Keystone, Atlantic Presse, Skandinaviske Berlinder Korrepondenz and L.V. Gregorius.-

verkocht € 100.00
kavel: 1525
[Various. Curiosities] Collection of approx. 65 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1940. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: the building of a giant baby; blind tasting grapefruit juice; the umbrella collection at a lost and found station; the inauguration of Queen Juliana; num. actors and actresses; and theatrical performances. All w. copyright stamps and/or descriptions of a.o.: Keystone; Delius; Imago Photo Service; Berliner Presse; and Daily Mirror.-
€ 100 - € 200
kavel: 1526
[Africa] Collection of 12 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1936. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: schoolchildren in Congo; Chief Oluwa of Nigeria; Congolese "Ubangi" family w. lip plates as an attraction on an American radio show; the Alake of Abeokuta in London; and other depictions of black peoples. All w. copyright stamps and/or descriptive strips on verso of Keystone, Delius, Photo-Presse and Photobureau Holland.-

verkocht € 70.00
kavel: 1527
[Craftmanship/ professions] Collection of 50 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1935. Various sizes. Incl. a.o.: series on Finnish paper production; glass blowing; wine making; weaving; the construction of the Soviet monument "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman"; firemen in Barbados; natives of Greenland; and coining. All w. copyright stamp and/or descriptions on verso by Skandinaviske Berliner Korrespondenz, Presse-Photo, Pictorial Presse, and Delius.-

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