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veiling / Auction 28 - Session II Cartography part 2, Comics, Photobooks & Photography, Asia and Asian Arts, Graphic Arts, Funerary, Sheet Music, Fine Arts part I / 1500-1527 Photography: Press Photography 1930-1940
[1500] [1501] [1502] [1503]
kavel: 1501 verkocht € 60.00

[Romani people] Collection of eight photographs

1930-1935. Various sizes, approx. 20 x 15 cm. Photos of Romani people in different countries and cities such as Spain, Romania, Berlin, Beirut and Montenegrin Romani women fortune telling at the beach in Biarritz. All w. copyright stamps on verso of Keystone, Fotobureau Holland, C. Delius and Atlantic Photo.
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