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veiling / Auction 28 - Session II Cartography part 2, Comics, Photobooks & Photography, Asia and Asian Arts, Graphic Arts, Funerary, Sheet Music, Fine Arts part I / 1500-1527 Photography: Press Photography 1930-1940
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kavel: 1509 verkocht € 80.00

[Downing Street] Four photographs by Eric Borchert (ca. 1900–1942)

Depicting the area of Downing Street, "Die strasse die die halbe Welt regiert!", showing a.o. the Kings messenger arriving and a view of Number 10. Eric Borchert was star photographer of the Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, and later during the Second World War became one of the famous fotographers of the German "Propagandakompanie" in the Africa campaign, where he died in Tobruk in 1942. All with copyright stamps of The Associated Press and Recla with descriptive strip on verso, 24 x 18 cm, ca. 1932-1939.
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