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veiling / Auction 28 - Session III Fine Arts (Typography, Reference Works, Ex Libris, Periodicals, Fashion), Erotica, Sports, Toys, Antiques, Various, Posters / 2220-2293 Erotica
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[Sexology. Occultism] Three rare titles: (1) 'Dr. Jacobus X...' Arcana Anthropologica

The Ethnology of the Sixth Sense. Studies and researches into its abuses, perversions, follies, anomalies and crimes. Paris, Charles Carrington, 1899. 1st and only ed. Rebound in blind cl. Printed in 1000 copies, 'Not sold to the trade.' Exhaustive study on the genital organs ('The Sixth Sense'), publ. by legendary Victiorian publ. of pornograpyhy Carrington.
(2) Francis King. Sexuality, Magic and Perversion. London, N. Spearman, 1971. 1st ed. Cl. Pioneering study about occult sexuality. (3) Vocabula Amatoria: a French-English glossary of words, phrases and allusions occurring in the works of Rabelais, Voltaire, Molière, Rousseau, Béranger, Zola a.o. With English equivalents and synonyms. London, Privately printed for subscribers only, 1896. Contemp. rebound in halfcl. Impressive collection of sexual (literary) slang through the ages. All 8vo, w. bookplates and in good condition. (total 3)
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