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2470-2480 Second World War

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veiling / Auction 28 - Session III Fine Arts (Typography, Reference Works, Ex Libris, Periodicals, Fashion), Erotica, Sports, Toys, Antiques, Various, Posters
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kavel: 2470
[Press photography] Collection of 55 photographs
-of the years before, during and after WWII depicting a variety of subjects a.o.: the British army aiding the French farmers with their tanks; pillbox shelter for air raids; the preparation for war in London; women working the land as the men are called to arms; photogr. of the photos used as evidence in the Nuremberg Trials; Sherman's Tanks in Tripoli; a few Dutch portraits from the Fotodienst der N.S.B; and the alteration of street names in Utrecht after Seyss-Inquart had forbidden any reference to the Royal Family. Most w. copyright stamps on verso of a.o.: Fotodienst der N.S.B; Fotobureau Holland; Keystone; and Ministry of Information. Various sizes, ca. 1939-1946. -

verkocht € 600.00
kavel: 2471
[Press photography. Germany] Collection of 46 photographs of postwar Germany
-depicting Germany occupied by the Allies in the years after the Second World War, the last demobilisation of the Wehrmacht, bombed cities, the first post-war Jewish wedding in Berlin, food shortages and other postwar crises, and the Berlin air lifts. Almost all w. copyright stamps and descriptive strips on verso by A.B.C. Press, Keystone and the Associated Press. Various sizes, ca. 1945-1949. -

verkocht € 180.00
kavel: 2472
[German periodicals] Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung. 1941-1944
-Year 50, nos. 1-34; year 51, nos. 18-21, 27-37, 39, 46 and 48-50; year 52 nos. 1-7, 9-11 and 16-52 and year 53, nos. 4 and 11-18. Berlin, Deutscher Verlag, 1941-1944. Folio. 116 nos. (incl. several duplicates), richly ill.-

verkocht € 200.00
kavel: 2473
[War publications] Opsporingsregister
-Uitgegeven door de recherchecentrale, IIIe directie, ingevolge bekendmaking A.P. No. 1-14 DD. 18 februari 1943. N.p., n.publ., 1943-44. 7 vols. Paper wr. 8vo. Opsporingsregister A: 1ste jaargang. no. 4 (juni 43), no. 9 (november 43), 2de jaargang no. 7 (juli 44), no. 8 (aug. 44); Opsporingsregister B: 1ste jaargang no. 4 (juni 43), no. 5 (juli 43), no. 7 (sept 43).-

verkocht € 220.00
kavel: 2474
[Posters] Lou Manche (1908-1982). Ook Nederland
-heeft nog wat met Engeland te vereffenen. Strijdt met de NSB voor een nieuw Europa. Approved by the Dep. v. Volksvoorlichting en Kunsten, 1944. 54.5 x 38 cm. A few sm. holes.-

verkocht € 160.00
kavel: 2475
Small archive of the Witteveen-Heim family
-1939-1961, mostly comprised of printed official announcements of distributions, welfare-actions for Arnhem etc., several items concerning the Stichting Toezicht Politieke delinquenten (of which Gerard Witteveen was "toezichthouder", 22 German and anti-German propaganda picture postcards, a printed "Sonderausweis" and accompanying typescript "Bescheinigung" (Sept. 1944), "Stamkaarten", the orig. passport of Judith Jenni Heim (1941), a few identification cards for "Volksherstel Amsterdam" and "Hulp Corps Amsterdam", a board letterpress card advertising the need for help in Arnhem by Volksherstel/ H.A.R.K. Amst., 5 post-war photogr. (perhaps taken at Kamp Amersfoort) and a few later items concerning the "Bescherming Bevolking" campaign. -

verkocht € 160.00
kavel: 2476
[Posters] Lou Manche (1908-1982). Wie van deze twee is de ware Nederlander?
-Approved by the Dep. v. Volksvoorlichting en Kunsten, 1943. 80 x 60 cm. Sl. creasing. (2) Decreet betreffende het Afkondiging van het politiestandrecht. Announcement by Seyss-Inquart. The Hague, 01-05-1943. 80 x 55 cm. -

verkocht € 800.00
kavel: 2477
[Periodicals] Signaal
-Sonderausgabe der Berliner Illustrierten Zeitung. Dutch ed. 100 issues of Signaal, 1940-1945. Incl. 1934: 1 Signaal Extra and 1944: 3 Signaal Extra. Bound together in 7 vols. with orig. wr. -

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 2478
[Newspapers] Collection of approx. 100 newspapers, periodicals, etc. publ. 1940-1945
-Incl. a.o.: The Stars and Stripes (12 issues, 1944-1945); Mededeelingen van den Nederlandschen Orde-Dienst (2 issues, 1944); Nachrichten für die Truppe (3 issues, 1944-1945); De Vliegende Hollander (9 issues, 1944-1945); de Wervelwind (8 issues, 1942-1943); issues of Het Parool; Völkischer Beobachter; Limburgs Dagblad; De Volkskrant; De Waarheid; De Vrije Pers; De Tijd and Trouw; German and anti-German propaganda flyers (incl. "Feldpost"); some German ephemera (incl. a "Kundigungsscheine zum Postsparbuch gleicher Nummer"); and some press-photogr.-

verkocht € 220.00
kavel: 2479
[Germany] Three albums: (1) "Aus meiner Dienstzeit"
-Album incl. approx. 220 mostly sm. sized photogr., from the military service of a German soldier in the 1930s, w. captions in manuscript such as "Reichs-Arbeitsführer!", "1 Mai!", "Sport!", "Sturm!", "Zu Hause', "Marburg!", "Baustelle!" and "Entlassung!". Orig. silver lettered cord bound boards, obl. 4to.-

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