Amsterdam: Lots 415 - 432

LOT 415
€100,00 - €200,00
"Amstelredamum, nobile Inferioris Germaniae oppidum"

Handcol. engr. bird's eye plan w. 2 cartouches and coat of arms. From Cologne, Braun & Hogenberg, Civitates Orbis Terrarum, late 16th cent. 34 x 48 cm, framed under glass, 54 x 70 cm.

LOT 416
€70,00 - €120,00
"Brug over het Ij, ontwerp van J. Galman"

Col. lithogr., 46 x 64 cm, framed, 51 x 68. Printed by R. de Vries Jr., publ. in Amst., Frans Buffa en Zonen, 1857. 2 views depicting an interesting (and never realised) design...

LOT 417
€60,00 - €120,00

Plan in poster format (92 x 79 cm map image). Poly-coloured lithogr. on paper (99 x 84 cm). Amst., J. Vlieger, ca. 1920.

LOT 418
€100,00 - €200,00
Amsterdam in foto's, platen (...), prenten, gravures, curiosa en diversen

Collection of ca. 100 photographs and other items, var. sizes, mostly before 1940, ordered in 6 sections (section 5 is a separate lot in this auction), mounted on folio-sized paper...

LOT 419
€200,00 - €400,00
Convolute of Amsterdam prints

Different formats, var. sizes. A collection of prints, mostly copper engr. of Amsterdam buildings, canals, views etc., incl. a costume view of Amsterdam seen from the Ij river...

LOT 420
€100,00 - €200,00
Convolute of: (1) Guicciardini, L. Amsterdam

Antwerp, 1567. First French ed., woodcut bird's eye view w. coats of arms and legend. (2) Amsterdam, leaf from Münsters Cosmographia, col. woodcut in text, verso a German town...

LOT 421
€125,00 - €250,00
De kwynende Amsterdamse heel-konst

Amst., "Gedrukt met Previlegie van de geweeze Overlieden van 't Barbiers Gildt", n.d. (1731). 2 parts in 1 vol. 1 fold. engr. plate. Sl. later marbled leather (sl. worn), mor....

LOT 422
€80,00 - €150,00
Ten items relating to the Warmoesstraat

(1) A series of 4 picture postcards featuring images of prostitutes, late 19th cent. Uncirculated. (2) Picture postcard Maison Weinthal. De nieuwe politie verordening: je mag er...

LOT 423
€120,00 - €240,00
Wapens der Heeren Hoofdschouten van Amsterdam (1327-1534)

Dutch manuscript on laid paper w. watermark Blauw & Driel, first half 19th cent., w. 29 mounted coats of arms in gouache on wove paper, each juxtaposed w. description in pen, orig....

LOT 424
€100,00 - €200,00
Het Diaconie Gebou,

gestigt uyt de Erffenisse op bevel en ter gedagtenisse van Wylen den Ed. Heer & Mr. Ian Corver & Vrouwe Sara Maria Trip, 1723. Large engr. view on 2 joined lvs., by and after I....

LOT 425
€200,00 - €400,00
Lot of four items: (1) Nieuwe Kaart van de Ambagts-Heerlykheden der Stad Amsterdam,

Amsterdam plan from the beginning w. enlargements till ca. 1660. Copper engr.. 29 x 40 cm, wrinkled along in Rynland, Kennemerland en Amstelland. Isaak Tirion, ca. 1760. Col. copper...

LOT 426
€80,00 - €160,00
Lot of seventeen 19th. cent. titles on the history and architecture of Amsterdam

(1) Rijsse, K. van. Dam, Damrak en Centraal Station: ontwerp tot verbetering van het entree der stad Amsterdam. Amsterdam/Pretoria, Höveker & Wormser, 1906. W. 3 fold. plates....

LOT 427
€70,00 - €120,00
Lot of six eighteenth century engraved maps and views of Amsterdam

(1) Out Amsterdam gelyck het geweest is omtrent den iaere 1300. (Amst., C. Commelin, 1726). Handcol. engr. bird's eye plan w. Dutch captions in 5 columns, 28 x 18 cm. Browning/...

LOT 428
€100,00 - €200,00
Lot of ten engravings from Afbeeldingen van de wyd-vermaarde koopstad Amsterdam

by P. Fouquet. (Amst., Pieter Fouquet Jr., ca. 1783). Var. views of Amst. w. Dutch and French captions, all handcol., most framed under passepartouts, all approx. 28 x 35 cm.

LOT 429
€100,00 - €200,00
Schepen op het IJ

'Gezigt van een Gedeelte de Stad Amsterdam: Naar het schildery van W. van de Velde Ao. 1686, Berustende in de Schryers Tooren (...).' Willem Writs, naar Willem van de Velde, naar...

LOT 430
€100,00 - €200,00
Foto's en curiosa van Amsterdams openbaar vervoer van vóór 1940

Collection of 16 photographs and 5 other paper items, var. sizes, mounted on ten folio ringbinder lvs, all w. mounted typecript explanation, w. separate typescript title as mentioned...

LOT 431
€100,00 - €200,00
50 (rare) tourist guides and various other items on Amsterdam

Ca. 1850-1950, var. sizes, shapes and bindings.

LOT 432
€500,00 - €1000,00
Architecture, Peinture et Sculpture de la Maison de Ville d'Amsterdam,

representée en CIX figures en taille douce (...). Amst., D. Mortier, 1719, 22 descriptive p. for 109 engr. plates (partly (large) folding, double-p. or with several individually...


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