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[School plates. Biology] Lot with 8 colourlithographic school plates,

from the series Zoologischer Atlas van Lehmann-Leutemann, c. 1900 (one plate with this series title and publisher F.E. Wachsmut below the image), all 65.5 x 86 cm. (one upright), margins reinforced with cloth strips and metal rings through top margin for hanging the plates, mostly monogrammed WL or EA.

Here and there with minor defects in margins (light creasing, staining, folds). The numbers taken by the plates in the original series have been marked in pen: (8) Halmaturus giganteus (great kangaroo); (14) Phoca Groenlandica (Greenland seal); (19) Tetrao urogailus (capercaillie); (23) Chelone imbricata (green sea turtle); (36) Anthozoa (coral); (38) Canis vulpes (fox with pups); (68) Salmo fario (river trout); (81) Echinodermata Medusa, etc. (starfish, jellyfish, sea urchins etc.).

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