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[Early work on elephants] Gisberti Cuperi (...) De elephantis in nummis obviis

excercitationes duae: Nunc primum edita. 284 p. (numbered in columns), with the famous, large folding engraving after a statue of the Hindu god Shri Ganesha and many engraved illustrations in the text, quires as included in: Novus Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanarum al Alberto Henrico de Salengre. Tomus tertius. The Hague, P. Gosse, 1724 (without binding and damaged, in modern halfcloth wrapper and cardboard case).

The main part by Gijsbert Cuper with occasional foxing, but in good condition. Cuper's work (translatable as: Two exercises on elephants on common coins) appeared as separate publication for the first time in 1719 (also in The Hague, without publisher). Our editions is therefore not - as the intertitle claims - a first edition. This concerns a title edition of that first edition, the editions are otherwise entirely similar, except for the custode on page 284 in our edition.

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