LOT 1410

[Around Haarlem] Plaisante Plaetsen hier,

meught ghy aenschouwen radt. Liefhebbers die geen tyt en hebt om veer te reijsen, Ghelehen buyten de ghenoechlijke Stadt, Haerlem of daer omtrent, koopt sonder lag te peijse. Claes Jansz. Visscher, Amsterdam, [1611].

Oblong sm 8to., new binding, half-cloth, marbled cartonnized cover, restored, with 6 out of 12 leaves in copper-engraving. Remaining are: title page with allegorical depiction of diligence and time and above-mentioned rhyme (nr.1), the overview page with the names of the following 'landtschapiens' and Vierbake t'Sandtvoordt (nr.2), Paters Herbergh (nr.4), Potjes Herbergh (nr.5), Plaijsante Plaets ae(n)de duy ka(n)t (nr.10) and Blekerye ae(n)de duyne gelegen (nr.11). Very rare.

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