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[Cartography] Atlas Maior

Atlas Maior. This is the IVth vol. of the large XII-vol. Blaeu atlas incl. the IXth and Xth vol. of Europe. Belgique Royale, que est le IX livre de lÉurope (en) Belgique confederee qui est le X. livre de l.Europe. French edition. 1667. Incl. 2 title pages and 63 maps, all in antique and full colouring and with alph. index of all maps in back. The Atlas Maior is the last version of the Blaeu atlases, published between 1662 and 1672 (the year of the great fire in the Blaeu printing press behind the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam). The French edition in 12 vols., the Latin in 11 vols., the German in 10 vols, and the Spanish and Dutch editions in 9 vols. Blaeu's intention had been to publish a full atlas with land maps, sea maps and sky maps; the fire ruined this.

Large Folio in original editor's binding with overlapping gilt-stamped vellum on spine, casings with embroidery and floral ornaments, also gilt-stamped, gilt page edges. 193,VII,106 pp. and Index. Title page: Belgique Royale qui est le IX Livre de l'Europe. 1. Pays-Bas 2. Duché de Brabant 3. Louvain 4. Bruxelles 5. Anvers 6. Santflite 7. Duché de Limbourg 8. Duché de Lutzenbourg 9. Comté de Flandre 10. Gand 11. Chastelenie de Gand 12. Chastelenie d'Aldenarde 13. Evesché de Bruges 14. Le Franconat 15. Evesché d'Ypre 16. Chastelenie d'Ypre 17. Chastelenie de Courtray 18. Flandre Teutonique 19. Chastelenie de Cassele. 20. Chastelenie de Furne 21. Chastelenie de Bergue 22. La Flandre Imperiale 23. Bornhem Baronie 24. Comté dÁlost 25. Les Quatre Ambachts 26. Wasie 27. Domaine de Laleve 28. La Flandre Gallicane 29. Artois 30. Hainault. 31. Namur 32. Malines 33. Roermonde 34. Fossé de S. Marie 35. Cambray. Title page: Belgique Confederée qui est le X. Livre de l, Europe. 36. La Belgique Confederée 37. Duché de Gueldre 38. Tetrarchie de Nimegue 39. Comté de Zutphen 40. Velavie 41. Batavie 42. Comté d'Hollande 43. La Hollande Australe 44. Delflande 45. Rhinlande 46. West-Frise 47. La Zipe 48. Le Beemster 49. Scher-Meer 50. Purmer 51. Het Koegras 52. Bergue 53. Comté de Zelande 54. Walachrie 55. Zelande Orient. 56. Zelande Beoosterscheld 57. Domaine d'Utrecht 58. La Frise Occ. 59. Transisalanie 60. Domaine de Groningue 61. La Drente 62. Bois-Le-Duc 63. Bergue sur Zoom. Var. leaves browned and/or foxed, some maps with extra fold, one map with small hole outside map image. Binding ribbons mostly present. Maps mostly in wonderful colorite.

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