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[Extremely rare war publications] A. Opsporingsregister

(uitgezonderd signaleeringen betreffende het grensverkeer). Uitgegeven door de recherchecentrale, IIIe directie, ingevolge bekendmaking A.P. No. 1-14 DD. 18 februari 1943. 1st volume 1 August 1943 No. 6. 2nd volume 1 August 1944 No. 8. No place, no publisher (1943-1944), 2 vols., 445; 449 p., original uniform cover (small defects, particularly along spine vol. 1944).

Extremely rare publications with an immense number of wanted persons (more than 50 per page, but this includes repeated names), no other copies found and likewise no reference to the existence of these registers. The name Roelof Zwiggelaar is mentioned three times in both volumes.

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