LOT 513
SOLD €450,00

Album amicorum with 16 contributions dated 1841-1850,

contributions such as drawings, cutting artwork, embroidery and poems in Dutch and French, loose with ca. 18 unused, coloured sheets in original book-shaped blind-stamped leather box ("Album"), with paper cover and paperboard slipcase, 9 x 15.5 cm. (small defects).

The original owner is not mentioned by name. The most important contribution is a very elegant piece of cutting art by G.J. Middelburgh (Zwolle, 1850), which hides the message when flat but can be extended like a spring to a beautiful fragile tower, revealing the message. Other contributions include a drawing in pencil by H. van Delden (Deventer, 1856); a colourful cutting art bouquet by J.A. Baerselman (Deventer, 1841); a hair braid of K. Revelman (Zutphen, 1841); a poem by A.G. Baerselman Cramer (Deventer, 1842); an embroidery of flowers on punched paper holder by A.G. Klopman Baerselman (Deventer, 1842).

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