LOT 514

[Gijsbert Albertus Fijnvandraat (1830-1901)]

van mijn waarden vriend G.A. Fijnvandraat en mijne waarde vriendin S. Verhoeff op hunne Zilveren Bruiloft, 9 Nov. 1879." Album with ca. 140 lined leafs with handwritten text (mostly recto only) and ca. 16 small, mostly pasted illustrations in pen/gouache, in original cloth with (slightly damaged) silver foil decoration and the years 1854 and 1879 in pen on front cover, folio.

Elaborate manuscript in rhyming, at the end monogrammed "A.A.L." The protagonist Gijsbert Albertus Fijnvandraat published a lot on the Dutch Reformed Church (see Picarta). The vast majority of the leafs has one-sided only one line of text, a few city views (ca. 5.3 x 8.4 cm., Lutten, Zwartsluis and Beest) or some other small illustration pasted/drawn. The manuscript is divided into a Preface, books I-VII titled "Verliefd", "Geëngageerd", "Getrouwd", "Huwelijksreisje", "1e standplaats" [Lutten], "2de standplaats" [Zwartsluis], "3de standplaats" [Beest] and an Epilogue. With tipped-in: lithographed card with announcement of the silver wedding party on 9 November 1879, with 2 pasted oval photographic portraits of the couple between the place names Harderwijk, Lutten, Zwartsluis and Beest.

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