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[Koninklijke Begeer] Guestbook for various exhibitions

the first exhibition indicated on the first leaf with "Opening eerste tentoonstelling 28 november 1931", the last exhibition indicated on one of the final leafs "Tent. Emmy Roth [1885-1942, German silversmith] 7 oct. 37", total ca. 200 pages with hundreds of original signatures and adresses in pen or pencil, finely bound in full parchment with gilt vignette "Begeer" on front cover, top and bottom edges gilt, 21 x 22.5 cm.

Interesting guestbook which gives an insight into the type of visitor (including various foreigners from, for example, Japan and England) of the exhibitions of the silver factory in the '30s. Many guests wrote down their address, some names appear more than once. Contains signatures from W. Alons, P. Arntzenius, L. Berssenbrugge, L. Bierens de Haan, Dirk Bus, Jo Citroen, C. le Conge Kleijn, A.D. Copier, R. Cramer, J.L. van Eesteren, H. Friedlaender, D. van Gelder, W.P.S. Gerbrandy, Godefroy, F.J. Heijbroek, J. Huszar-van Terlingen, J. Jongert, C. Lannooij, C. Lebret, Robert Leicester (Salisbury), Prof. G. Matsuda (Japan), B. Midderigh-Bokhorst, C.F. Ploos, C.L.H. Quarles van Ufford, G.T.E. Regout, R. van Rood-Roell, Sandberg, E.W. Six, J.M. Strens, Eug. Strens, Otto van Tussenbroek, Elisabeth Zellweger (Switzerland) and others.

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