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"Kleine en grootere bijzonderheden over Greta = Margaretha Johanna Veldkamp"

Born 15 October 1901. Notes in Groningen kept by her father Klaas Veldkamp, 3 vols. paged with stamps, 288; 288; 43 p., (last vol. numbered to p. 286, so mostly blank), with entries dated Nov. 1905 to 1 January (1916), and with 58 pasted postcards, 29 photo, 8 (children's) drawings, a poem, and other illustrative items (incl. 2 silhouette portraits), bound in uniform half morocco with gilt, gilt lettered spine ("Aanteekeningen K. Veldkamp. Greta"), 21.5 x 17.5 cm.

Backstrips tender, else in excellent condition. Lovingly written account of 15 years of adventures from the life of Greta Veldkamp. Her father Klaas Veldkamp (born on 5 October 1854 in Hoogeveen) was a singing teacher, who had married Greta's mother Aukje Baudina van der Leest (born on 8 August 1875 in Hoogeveen) on 5 August 1896. They had two daughters together; Margaretha had an older sister, Johanna Margaretha Veldkamp, who was born in 1899. The first note: "Deze aanteekeningen ben ik begonnen in Nov. 1905. De bijzonderheden van voor dien tijd zijn uit het geheugen aangevuld." followed by the signature of Klaas Veldkamp. "M.J. Veldkamp (Margaretha Johanna) werd 15 Oct. 1901 geboren te Groningen in het huis Radesingel 23. Haar oudere zusje was toen 2 1/2 jaar. Met ons tweede kind waren we zeer blij. En hadden we ook al gehoopt dat No. 2 een jongetje zou zijn, we hebben steeds volop reden gehad ons over de verschijning van dit tweede dochtertje te verheugen." The many holidays enjoyed by the family draw particular attention for the large number of pasted postcards of Nunspeet, Bloemendaal, Haarlem, Bergen (N.H.), Klein Zwitserland, Alkmaar, Groningen, Scheveningen, Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague, Nijmegen, Oosterbeek, Zutphen, Apeldoorn, Warnsveld, Berlin, Esneux, Brummen, Hilversum. The pasted photos show mostly the two girls and their parents, but also many other family members. From 3 June 1912 onward, the entry "Zus [Margaretha herself] wordt enstig ziek" can be read. When the reader reaches this passage, they know the family so well they read on in suspense. Fortunately, all ends well, "Gree" recovers from so-called "typheuse koortsen". Lovely pasted contributions, including a movable self-portrait of Karel (he tried selling it to Van Houten (Cacao) as "reclame-middel", to no avail), a printed announcement and a ticket to an afternoon talk by Chr. van Abcoude (2 November 1912), a beautiful folding advertisement of firma P. Kuinders (with Japanese postmarked stamps and illustrations) and a folding map of Esneux.

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