LOT 1258
SOLD €75,00

[Autographs] Programme Robeco Zomerconcerten e.a.

Lot with ca. 150 programmes (incl. many doubles), dating approx. 1990-2005, all signed by the performing musicians.

With autographs of Beaux Arts Trio, Jean Claude Casadesus, Miranda van Kralingen, Christina Ortiz, Marc Soustrot, Cécile Ousset, Michael Sanderling, Jesus Lopes Cobos, Jonathan Gilhad, Roy Goodman, Olga Pasychnik, Robert Pomakov, Finghin Collins, En Shao, Ernets, Martinez Izguerdo, Ishar Elias, Storioni Trio, Igor Roma, Jen Paul Pénin, Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band, Jean-Claude Casadesus, Igor Tchetouev, Michael Chance, Jos van Immerzeel, Roberta Alexander, Marcus Schäfer, Ulf Bästlein, Lawrence Renes, Akiko Suwanai, Eri Klas, Jacob Slagter, Ernst van Thiel, Philippe Herrewege, Pieter Wispelwey. With another 100 similar, signed programmes. (total ca. 140)

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