LOT 1909
SOLD €220,00

[Diverse lot with mosly German pamphlets] Lot with ca. 35 pamphlets and other printings,

late '30s and the war years, incl. a large number of election posters for student council elections (mostly Heidelberg) and the Anschluss elections of 10 April 1938, but also incl. several pre-printed, empty SS forms, and several pieces of unused SS stationery, mostly A4 size.

Contains e.g.: (1-2) "Der Führer is in Gefahr!" Two versions of the same text by Erich Koch, Gauleiter und Oberpräsident, dated Königsberg, 20 September 1943: one stencilled version with letterhead of Koch and stencilled signature and one letterpress version; (3) "Weitere Zersplitterung der nationalen Studentenschaft". Letterpress election poster of the Nationalsozialistischen deutschen Studentenbund in Heidelberg, on purple paper; (4-10) Series of 7 empty SS forms, incl. 2 variants of an SS Stammkarte on thick ornage paper, with no less than 34 items to be completed (name, rank, date of birth, income, family relations etc.), often subdivided into sub-items; a "Verlobungs- un Heiratsgesuch" and a request for a "Vordrucke zu einem Verlobungs- und Heiratsgesuch en SS-Erbgesundheitsbogen; (11) "Der Führer hält was er verspricht! (...) Ganz Deutschland dankt seinem Füher und bekennt sich am 10. April [1938] zu ihm und seinem Werk mit: Ja!". Letterpress pamphlet with the Hitler's achievements since 1932; (12) Der Führer gab den Ärmsten Brot (...) Das danken wir unserm Führer! (...) Wir Stemmen alle mit Ja!" Letterpress pamphlets like the previous one for the same occasion (total ca. 35).

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