LOT 1501

[Trade catalogues and brochures] Collection of more than 150 items,

mostly consisting of flyers and brochures for technical devices (ca. 1930-1965, incl. fine designs) but also including 26 various, abundantly illustrated trade catalogues (1909-ca. 1960).

Contains e.g.: (1-6) Van Eyle & Ruygers' Fijnstaal- en gereedschappenhandel Rotterdam - Groningen. Catalogue No. 55A-C, 55E, 55G and 55I, 1953, original uniform stapled wrapper (very rare, not in PiCarta); (7-9) L. Schuler A.-G. Goeppingen. Shearing Machines./ Turn-Table Feed, Crank and Drawing Presses./ Catalogue spëcial des Presses-Révolver, Presses à étirer et Presses à Emboutir. Three catalogues (1923/ 1927 (2x), 103; 119; 120 p.); (10) Turret Machinery manufactured by Bardons & Oliver Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. (1909, 302 p., original wrapper with cloth back); (11) Fa. P.J. Richter Amsterdam. De Gramofoon Gids. Maandelijks huisorgaan over gramofoons, platen, radio's, televisietoestellen en andere artikelen. No. 10, October 1953 (very rare, not in PiCarta); (12 and 13) Unie-gids sanitair S754 November 1955/ Elektrotechnisch materiaal E592 April 1959. Technische Unie Heybroek-Zalander N.V. en Electrocentrum (2 trade catalogues, 164 and 200 p.); (14) W.J. Stokvis' Kon. fabriek van metaalwerken N.V. Arnhem Catalogus 615 (no date, 64 p., with inlaid price list dated 1 May 1940).

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